Alignment and Risk: Two elements of success that leaders cannot ignore

Corporate, nonprofit and governmental organizations all experience organizational creep over time. After a period of unchecked creep, organizations tend to become something they never intended, with an imbalance of resources being directed to less critical efforts. Outdated staffAlignment Audit Reports structures, ineffective processes or procedures, obsolete programs, unnecessary initiatives, outmoded human resource practices, or moth-eaten promotional materials eventually take over an organization, impeding its progress toward achieving its mission.

By engaging us to conduct an Alignment and Risk Assessment, you will discover areas of your organization that not only need aligning, but those that can present unprecedented opportunities as well. We pinpoint teams, departments, or work areas that are in danger of toxicity to

the entire organization. We identify unstable or unnecessary practices or structures. We uncover opportunity for growth. And we prescribe action steps to be taken to bring your organization into full alignment so it can run swiftly and smoothly on all cylinders.