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When you want to take your organization to the next level, call us. We are Civicus Consulting Group: a cadre of professionals with corporate, nonprofit, and government expertise who are highly skilled in strategy, vision. leadership, marketing communications, human resources, and organizational alignment.

Leaders know that they sometimes need help sorting through the complex issues they face. They need help from outside, disaffected experts whose only skin in the game is to make sure the leader succeeds. That's our job. We have the experience and tools to help you cut through the clutter to determine what's really needed at this point in your organization's life.

From strategic planning to data gathering to our proprietary Alignment and Risk Assessment tool, we are able to help CEOs and other leaders get a clear picture of their organization and where they want to go. Working with leaders, we help pinpoint and define opportunities and challenges, prioritize resources, and prescribe actions to be taken. And we work with leaders and their employees to implement solutions to bring about long-lasting change.

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We work with corporate, nonprofit, and government leaders to create the future. We believe that every organization has the capacity to achieve greatness. We do not engage in the quick fix, the superficial plan, or the one-size-fits-all approach; rather, we assist leaders in bringing about lasting, true change within their organizations.


Our qualitative and quantitative research gives nonprofit, government, and corporate leaders sound data for long-term planning and successful decision making. Our primary and secondary research includes community assessments, employee surveys, client and customer service, donor values, and community awareness.


Most enterprises experience organizational creep over time, resulting in misalignment; some symptoms are unnecessary processes, obsolete programs, ineffective initiatives, and low morale. We diagnose misalignment, prescribe solutions, and help leaders bring their organization into full alignment to maximize effectiveness.


Marketing and communications are integral to any organization's success. We develop and implement strategies that target the right market (or audience), build relationships, improve perceptions, and ultimately change behavior. Our data-driven approach assures your resources are wisely invested to maximize return and bring the success you seek.

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Why Civicus Consulting Group?

We are a group of independent consultants who work together based on the needs of our clients. Together, we have more than 100 years of nonprofit, corporate, and public administration experience upon which we draw to bring our clients success. We work with CEOs and upper management to design and implement strategic, innovative solutions to your most vexing problems.

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